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See, my mom, in all her wisdom, had dreams of me becoming a doctor - you know, someone who's supposed to be quiet and serious. But I couldn't contain the music within me.


So, after high school, when I finally realized I'm here for the music and was meant to write, compose, and sing, my mom's fantasies started to fade. My journey included stops in progressive rock, jazz, and even a BA in psychology.  which lead to the release of my single "Dream Cheater" during my studies. But you know what they say, when music calls, you answer.


Today, I'm ZOHARA, an unapologetic singer-songwriter and DJ, with a penchant for blending pop and R&B with raw, unfiltered honesty. I've just wrapped up recording the demos for "Sex for The People," an album that dives headfirst into the intricate world of sexuality. It explores everything - the playful, the complex, the daring - all without provocation. It's time to break the silence and embrace open conversations.


In my music, you'll discover the heartbeat of authenticity, the rhythm of groove, and a sultry sensuality. This is my journey, a tale of self-discovery through the art of music. I'm here for the music, and I can't wait to share it with you.

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